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square  PDF map documents look corrupted.
square  PDF map documents take a long time to download.
square  Netscape Navigator displays only an error message.
square  Question is not here.
dot  PDF documents look corrupted:    You can either go to the mirror site on the SUNY Brockport Earth Sciences Server, or save the PDF document to your computer by using the save button in Adobe Acrobat Reader, even though the document looks bad, then open the document from your computer (navigate to it and double click on it). It should look fine.

Explanation:  When the server is very busy the PDF documents do not display properly even though all the data is present.

dot  PDF documents take a long time to download:    Many of the PDF map documents are large, 200-800KB, to enable appropriate detail to be shown.  If you are working with a modem download times can range fom 45 seconds to nearly 5 minutes.  For faster downloads try a computer with cable modem or a direct connection.  Most libraries have computers with fast connections.

dot  Netscape Navigator displays only an error message:    If the Black Creek Watershed site does not come up with the version of Netscape Navigator that you are using the version is probably an old one.  All you need to do is download the latest version from Netscape.  Click on the following link and look for 'Download Netscape Navigator 7.0' on the left side menu.   Netscape.com

Explanation:  There is a bug in current versions of Netscape Navigator such that it will not handle window resizing properly.  When the code to fix this bug is added to a web page Netscape Navigator 4.0 and earlier displays an error message.  This version is on the newest computers even though the current version is 7.0.

dot  Question is not here.   If you're still having trouble, send as detailed a description of the problem as you can to Dr. Zollweg at: jzollweg@brockport.edu

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